Syria army advances in eastern suburbs of Damascus

Syrian government forces have achieved new victories as they continue to implement an offensive strategy for encircling insurgents in the eastern countryside of Damascus. From Damascus airport highway, we accompanied the Syrian army deep into al-Ghouta. Sakka, a small town on the road to Ghouta, was secured recently along with its orchards, and people are now able to return to their homes. Almost every town on the road to Ghouta has witnessed militants' attacks. Dilbeh, another town was the scene of heavy fighting. This is a five hundred meter trench that foreign backed insurgents dug in al-Dilbeh orchards in Damascus countryside. The aim was to sneak and attack the Syrian government forces present here. The army has regained full control of the village. Armed men, who were planning to set up a large number of explosives, had also dug tunnels to facilitate their movement. The road passes through main towns which make up all together a belt that the army is forming in order to complete its siege on militants. Al-Baharia is a small village, but strategic for both the army and al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front. According to army commanders, nearly one hundred militants were killed when they were trying to enter Baharia last week. The Security belt passes through several villages such as al-Abbadeh, al-Qassimia, al-Otaiybeh, Jarba, Harran al-Awamid which were taken by Syrian government's forces after fierce clashes led to their huge destruction. The aim of laying this siege is to cut off all militant supply lines in preparation for attacking and finally eliminating them.

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