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RISE UP - [Official Video]

  • Uploaded by BadAstro on Oct 13, 2013
  • Hits: 1253

RISE UP - Official VideoWhen YOU are ready to rise, YOU'll rise A collaborative effort of TragedyandHope and Activist, Author and Garret John Laporto of the viral sensation "The Wayseers Manifesto"Footage Used:Thanks to the creators of all of this fantastic footage. I recommend these films to everyone:"Baraka" - "NYC - Mindrelic Timelapse" "Eye Macro" "New York City - Time Lapse" "Samsara" "Occupy - Still Free" "Peace Day is Saving Lives""Planet Earth Seen From Space Full HD" "Children of Africa" "Strictly Farming - starting in 1959" Music used:Steve Jablonsky - My Name is LincolnTragedyandHope does not claim to own any of this footage used in this video and does not wish to make a profit from this work. It is simply for educational purposes. Please contact TragedyandHope if you are the owner of this footage and have any concerns of its written and spoken by: Garret John the creator on him on Facebook: by TragedyandHope:Website - - - + -

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