How To Make a Candle Powered Space Heater

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Oct 15, 2013
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Check out out website - The entire project cost around 10 dollars (including candle) and my Brother swears that his room is quite comfortable in these long winter nights. The items you'll need are: 3 Pots that fit into each other (the "baby" pot should be the smallest you can buy) 1 Bolt that fits through all three of your pots (we used 3/8ths inch bolt that was 8 inches long) 6 Washers 5 3/8 inch nuts 8 1/2 inch nuts 2 bricks (size depends on the candles you use) 1 Candle 2 Hands (you could probably get it done with one, but it would take forever)

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