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Crazy Wingsuit Flight -- Man Lands on Water Without Parachute (WORLD'S FIRST)

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  • uploaded: Oct 15, 2013
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Wingsuit flying is a relatively young sport but it progresses at an incredibly fast pace. The idea of a man completing a jump and landing on water without a parachute has been widely talked of within the wingsuit community since Gary Connery landed the first wingsuit jump without using a parachute. Gary's jump and landing can be seen here: video shows another huge progression in wingsuit flying. Raphael Dumont, 31 from Chamonix (France), has always been fascinated by flight. This project is not just about flight though, it has always been about doing the impossible and pushing the boundaries of human possibility. What it does not show is the days of preparation, planning and hard work required to make it a reality, plus a lot of injuries!The jump took place at Lake Garda (Italy) on September 30th 2013. Raphael has trained in BASE jumping and wingsuit flight for many years, he is a professional with over 600 successful flights to date and the jump was performed under professional flight and subsequent landing have been planned for several years with absolute attention to detail and safety at all times. The theory and calculations behind the landing have been based on the trajectory and approach of a plane landing. Please do not attempt wingsuit flying or to recreate such a landing as it is highly would like to especially thank the people at Wingman for their continued support, you guys are awesome!: : @iamwingmanThank you:James Boole & Maurizio DiPalma: Without the expertise and guidance of you guys, the jump would probably never have happened. If it had happened without you, I doubt the result would have been the same! : Lee Watson Lake Garda & Italy: A beautiful part of an incredibly country. This is one of the greatest spots in the world for wingsuit jumps and the weather was perfect! / Wingsuits: Pro Cameras: (sunglasses): Corliss: A constant inspiration!Twitter: @jebcorlissGary Connery: For showing what is really possible!

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  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye October 16, 2013 2:53:35 PM CEST

    Man i so want to believe this but i think i can see a wire @2:23 and the landing coverage is ropey to say the least. If you were doing something like that you would probably have a professional photographer to capture the landing and there was a big crowd who probably all had their camera phones out and that was the best footage he could find?! A no parachute landing is possible though, a British man did it on a runway of crushable boxes in 2012 but cardboard doesn't have the same impact properties as water. Wingsuits can go over 220mph and water at that speed is as hard as concrete, even considering a sympathetic angle of entry

  • Spacejunkie#

    Spacejunkie October 16, 2013 7:21:38 AM CEST

    FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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