Letterman Plays Video Of People Destroying Computers After Trying To Sign Up For ObamaCare

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Oct 16, 2013
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Has President Obama lost David Letterman? On the CBS Late Show Friday, the host aired a video he called "This Day In Obamacare Enrollment" in which people from different parts of the country were shown destroying their don't fret, Obama fan. Later in the show, Letterman said, "President Obama's approval rating down to 37 percent. Time to kill bin Laden again. Time to kill him again. Let's go get him, let's put him in a place in Hoboken and kill him again."I guess it's clear Obama hasn't lost Letterman. The Late Show host is just comfortable joking about ObamaCare. And why? Of course, it's not funny to the millions of Americans who are losing their current insurance plans and can't afford the new ones required by this farce of a law. So much for "You'll be able to keep your insurance plan."News Busters: Letterman Plays Video of People Destroying Computers After Trying to Sign Up for

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