UFO Sightings Dark Government Anti Disclosure! Conclusion To Dr. Steven Greer's Interview 2013

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UFO Sightings Dark Government Creates Aliens False Abductions! Dr Steven Greer Explains Part 4 Dr. Greer joined Blake Cousins & Dr. J Andy Ilias live on Thirdphaseofmoon radio October 10 to talk about amazing information. Watch Part 1 Click Link! Everything from contacting ET's teaching people to contact for themselves & just as importantly, to know the difference between the real ETs & the false flag ET's possibly brought by the government to scare people away from contacting the friendly ETs who are waiting for us to have open contact. This & so much more on this amazing interview. See Dr. Greer's info on & check out his ET Contact Tool app for all smartphones & tablets. Also join us LIVE every Thursday 8-10 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-4) on revolution radio, Studio A & call in & ask questions 818-923-1713. Upcoming guests for October include Stanton Friedman, Colin Andrews & so many more. See the schedule on & so much more there. And if you have captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook!Vortex clip provided to Thirdphaseofmoon by youtube ProjectUFOsWatch Now The Entire Film "Sirius" Click Link! #!/deployment_code=68884729mltvstMusic by Eivind Bjordal & Paul Barrett KvfiveVisit our new website

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