How To Set Up Perimeter Alarms For Off Grid Security

  • Uploaded by OtherNews on Oct 16, 2013
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Setting up some perimeter alarms for my off grid homestead. A friend of mine sent me some trip wire parts to use for protecting my place from predators both those with four and two I am quite isolated I have to watch out for myself. Having some sort of advanced warning system is a great help when living so far away from the nearest is always something attacking my place out here. It seems like chickens are the favorite food of the forest and almost every night something is trying to eat my is a very simple system and actually quite rugged. With a few clothes pins, some screws, wire and dollar store window alarms you can have a security system set up in all the parts to make this system can be found in the dollar video shows clearly now to use the dollar store window alarms as a trip wire for advanced warning in case something or someone enters your only important thing to remember is to protect the alarm from the elements. Close it inside a case or in a bag or something to keep it will later use some standard AA batteries to power my alarms and then connect them to solar using dollar store path lights. This will allow my alarms to run indefinitely on solar power and rechargeable batteries.

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