Elongated / Conehead Skulls across the World and Paintings

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The Mystery of the elongated skulls across the World Artificial deformation or Evidence of our origins ? Human skulls , Annunakis, Aliens ? ... These ancient strange elongated skulls have been discovered around the world , not only in South America but also in Asia, Europe, Africa ... These skulls have anatomic abnormalities that clearly indicate that they are different from modern humans: They usually have a single cranial suture while modern humans have three. Their cranial capacities were larger than modern man , up to 25 %. This might seem to indicate a greater understanding of these beings. Despite their size, these skulls are as heavy as modern human skulls , and they still have other anatomical abnormalities that can not be explained even by doctors who examined. Long dismissed by skeptics as a result of artificially elongated skulls ( with wooden boards and strips ) to flatten the front and elongated skull. However, this practice does not change the volume of the skull and does not affect the cranial sutures ! So I think the ones who belonged to these skulls may have a possible relationship with the megalithic structures and cyclopean constructions or the antediluvian civilizations like Atlantis , Mu , Shambhala or Hyperborea . - Patrice Marty

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