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UFO Captured on Video, St. Francisville, Louisiana

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Oct 17, 2013
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St. Francisville, Louisiana - 09-06-13

Witness States: I live in a very rural parish (county) out in the country. I was sitting on my front porch just after dusk, facing west and was witnessing an lightning display in a lone thunderhead.

Decided to walk out to my driveway to get a better look and started videoing the event with my iPhone. I was concentrating on my screen and my focus on the lightning display and there was a flash that occurred while videoing.

(I remember something but thought it may have been lightning or a shooting star?) I didn't think much about it until later that night. I emailed it to my computer and downloaded it. I sent it to a couple of friends, which one suggested I send it to a woman in town that works for a digital advertising company.

She called me over that weekend after she reviewed it on her home computer and asked me who I go this from (she was skeptical). She took it to her office and called me the following week and said she reviewed it on her work computer and it was authentic.

There was no variation in the pixels from frame to frame, so there was no altering. She explained that an iPhone video has about 31 frames per second. This object enters the field of view from the right bottom, goes behind a clouds edge (not the cloud with the lightning) turns or banks towards the camera, then banks or turns upward in front of the thunder head and leaves the field of view.

She said it was in either 11 or 12 frames, or about 1/3 of second, in which this object traveled at least several miles. I would estimate the cloud that the object went around was at least 5 miles away.

She also informed me that there is a humming noise she could hear on her HiFi stereo at work. (I can hear it better on my iPhone than my Dell laptop).

This noise is heard just as the object appears in the distance and stops before it banks upward. This presents an issue in that it is certainly traveling faster than the speed of sound yet the noise the object emits stops before the objects passes.

It also seems to change shape slightly as it banks, etc., like wings appear then disappear. The object leaves a slight trail which can be seen with a high grade monitor.

It looks like disturbed atmosphere wake, rather than a comet or falling star trail. I have sent it to the LSU Astronomy Dept. and they have no explanation. They sent it to Alaska and France to Astronomy experts.

No help there either. LSU and their experts have ruled out sprites, elves, TGFs, blue jets, etc. I will attach an unedited, a slow motion, and several slides from the video

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