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10/16/2013 -- Giant Lunar Circumzenith (ring around the moon) -- October 15th into 16th

  • Uploaded by Dutchsense on Oct 17, 2013
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Late PM October 15 , going into the early AM hours of October a very large circumzenith appeared around the moon. Circumzeniths are caused by particulate matter in the atmosphere *usually ice crystals* which reflect light coming through the atmosphere. Usually seen in arctic pictures of past events seen here:+circumzenithalNormally, the more intense the light source, the larger the circumzenith becomes. Also angle of the intersecting light does play a people see circumzeniths around the Sun, and from time to time, you might see the "ring around the moon" -- usually a day before precipitation , the ring seen in this video is not a typical "ring around the moon". Rather, its a giant circumzenith 10 times bigger than any previous ring I've ever seen. Large enough that my wide angle camera cannot capture the whole ring at even on landscape mode!Date: October 15th 2013 -- 1030pm CTLocation : South Saint Louis, Missouri Position: 11o'clock in the roughly due south (directly overhead)Temp: 67F / 19C Winds: SW 5mphConditions: Clear

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