Devi - Episode 28

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Gayatri is an orphaned girl who lives with her uncle, and cruel is an ardent devotee of goddess jagdamba or Durga. Gayatri is persuaded to marry Vikram, who seems to be a nice man. However, his true nature is revealed when he and Gayatri are on a trip. Vikram unsuccessfully tries to murder Gayatri, such as releasing a snake near he tells Gayatri that she can forgive his misdeeds and to clear his sins he takes her toVaishno Devi Mata,a famous Durga temple in Jammu& does not know about his plans to kill , she knows Vikram's plan when he tried to break fail the car. Vikram's wild plan doesn't succeed until he and Gayatri are on a trip to a hill, when suddenly Vikram throws Gayatri from the hill. Gayatri falls down from the hill and dies. Vikram is both happy and afraid. When Vikram returns home, something strange happens. He sees that Gayatri has returned home! Who is this woman then? Didn't Vikram kill Gayatri in the hill? Who is this woman?To Subscribe click here :

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