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UFO 2013 - Reversed Engineered UFO (HD)

  • Uploaded by Trip on Oct 17, 2013
  • Hits: 1173

The TR-3B (Codename Astra) A triangular shaped Nuclear Powered aircraft. Developed under the watchfull eyes of: NSA and CIA. This craft is seen many times in the early 90's. If i look at the first part of the video..i wonder, is this really manmade? and judging by the sphere of light at the end of the footage i wonder if this vehicle could possibly enter hyperspace.The 2nd video is a personal recording by fellow YT uploader cotus99..and it looks quite simmular to a TRB-3B. If you have any suggestions on what to make of this...feel free to share your findings. GREY ALIENS CAUGHT ON TAPE. 4.6 MILLION VIEWS AND COUNTING! ALSO AVAILABLE: GREY ALIENS CAUGHT ON TAPE 2 MERMAIDS CAUGHT ON TAPE (AMAZING FOOTAGE) HD UFO 2013 - MOST AMAZING UFO FOOTAGE (HD) BIGFOOT CAUGHT ON TAPE (HD) UFO 2013 - THE CONSPIRACY CONNECTION (HD) PLAYLIST WITH ALL MY VIDEOS: NOTE THAT EVERYTHING DEPICTED IN MY VIDEOS IS OPEN FOR DEBATE AND I CAN'T CONFIRM ITS AUTHENTICITY!

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