The Wingmakers: History, Spiritual Philosophy, And Overarching Themes Behind "James" Work!

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A OTHER WORLD RADIO Simulcast Special Event!Mark Hemple, is a cutting-edge innovator, a recognized expert in information architecture, and visual designer who has worked with Fortune 500 companies on next generation web platforms. He is also the designer, webmaster, and spokesman for the mysterious "James". Over the past number of years Mr. Hempel's passion and energy has been dedicated the legendary multi-level/multi-contextual websites Wingmakers, Lyricus, Event Temples and more recently Spirit Berges, - Planetwork Press PublisherTopics: Wingmakers Past, Present, Wingmakers: history, spiritual philosophy, and overarching themes behind James' work and the connected origins of the merging of interactive media and the global consciousness movementThe use of mythological imagery and story lines to springboard consciousness expansion and tap into the subconscious creative reality. The concepts behind James' new project web site, , an interactive, social network reading experience, that integrates James latest spiritual-mythological work, "The Dohrman Prophecies" , "Quantusum", and soon to be released Collective Works of the Wingmakers, and James' latest Book NEW Book "The Weather Composer".

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