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UFO sighting Ufos recorded in Pennsylvania. This incredible Ufo sighting was filmed from a car window as the passenger was filming the beautiful mountains that are spread across parts of Pennsylvania into areas of Upstate New York and New Jersey, on the East coast of the United States. The female who said her name is Megan, was recording the landscape for a long time during her road trip. Megan said, "I thought that the object was another bird or something natural, it happened so suddenly..." We asked Megan speak with us but she was hesitant about talking and she wanted to remain anonymous. She added that the sighting took place on a weekend in September, 2013. Megan mentioned that her husband was driving while the Ufo sighting took place, she said he never noticed the Ufos because he was so focused on the road and fatigue from driving for many hours. She said, "There were many birds flying over the parkway that day..." Once they realized what they had on the tape they contacted, LookNowTV. Thank you very much for this exclusive Ufo sighting, Megan! Further updates will be posted here if any become availble. We had many people requesting interviews from sightings we post, we are working on that. Thank you for watching! Special thanks to youtube user "TeknoAXE" for the music. Visit him here http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe

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