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Paul McCartney performs surprise set in London lunch hour

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London's Covent Garden is known for street entertainment, but passers-by may not have , the most watched news channel in EuropeSubscribe for your daily dose of international news, curated and explained: is available in 13 other languages: 's Covent Garden is known for street entertainment, but passers-by may not have been expecting this particular legend Paul McCartney surprised fans with an unexpected lunchtime a stage on the side of a 2,000 fans gathered for the short set in which the star showcased songs from his latest announced the free concert in a tweet about an hour before it began, a move his daughter Stella had apparently Turnville was among the fans in the crowd who headed down to Covent Garden."We were in the area, just eating down the road, and we heard about it on Twitter half an hour ago and we came down," he was also among the crowd:"It was fantastic, thank you," she enthused. "It was free, so we are all happy. I haven't seen so many happy faces around."After the gig, McCartney headed to a local record store to sign copies of his latest concert came just a week after the 71-year-old former Beatle performed another impromptu free gig, this time in New York's Times 'pop-up' concerts are a reminder of The Beatles' final live performance, just a mile down the road from Covent Garden, on the rooftop of the Apple recording studios on Savile us on: Youtube Facebook

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