10/19/2013 -- 6.5M earthquake strikes Baja Mexico -- Forecast 24 hours prior

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All links please share! click the remix button below this video to put a copy on YOUR youtube channel ! :)At this point, I think a re-writing of current plate tectonic theory is in order. Pressure transfer, plate transfer DOES occur, and is happening daily. We can see an area in flux, and know that adjacent areas WILL produce sizable movement in near term time frames. Near term = a few days (less than a week).Here is the forecast issued 24 hours prior:short link for youtube: facebook public link::"Past 48 hours of earthquakes eastern and western a line of mid earthquakes reaching up the Eastern Pacific towards Mexico, also south towards Argentina / Chile. Possible larger movement around this cluster developing. Could be on the Northern flank of this line (n. mexico / baja)."_______________Link to my public facebook page: (like the page to receive my updates on your facebook news feed) are all my past VIDEOS on earthquakes (youtube only): are all my past earthquake posts: are all my past fracking earthquake posts: is my twitter account -- all blog posts are retweeted via this page:, here is a list of multiple national and international earthquake monitoring links: webcams here: here: 'geologist' came to a video I made earlier this here's what they said: LOL"Diamonddavej 2 days agoI'm a geologist, tectonic forces do not pass across tectonic plates from one widely spaced region to another. Some of these earthquakes are separated by Mid-Ocean Ridges, the plates are moving apart not towards each other!Earthquakes can only influence their immediate area, by changing the local stress field, making earthquake more likely, an example is the North Anatolian Fault, Turkey where earthquakes have (generally) been moving progressively to the west over the last 100 years.""dutchsinse replied 2 days agowrong. the evidence conflicts with your conflations about what is 've WATCHED IT HAPPEN REAL TIME. Accurately watched areas along the craton which have moved, subsequent to larger movement to the on the west followed SAME DAY with on the EAST smaller movement in south wyoming along the NW craton edge going into followed within 24 hours movement in OK and FOLLOWED by in the NE @ canada maine in reply to Diamonddavej"_________

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