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Strange Creature Filmed All Around The World.


  • JuliettNEmilJones#

    JuliettNEmilJones January 17, 2014 2:56:39 PM CET

    I have to say fake on this. Real wings would not properly function if they were that stiff.

  • Suzy105#

    Suzy105 October 25, 2013 5:29:39 PM CEST

    Well EVERYONE knows...the dragon is heading to HOGWARTS so he can pick up Harry Potter for his summer break. LOL!!!!

  • Geoleo53#

    Geoleo53 October 23, 2013 3:34:18 AM CEST

    Ya know, if it were real I would jumping up and down yelling stuff but... it's not real. Just like everything else you and I watch. It's all BS. Once again, a clever person I might add, stole my time. And ya know what? It'll happen again. What can ya do? Keep on watching that's what.

    Move along now and quit whining. There's another clip just waiting for you.

  • jjbreen7#

    jjbreen7 October 22, 2013 9:38:48 PM CEST

    Okay, I think I know what our aspiring CGI movie maker did - he inverted the wings. LOL .....

    Than at 1:25, suddenly the wings are 'right' .... How did that happen? Wing Transplant???

  • DmoniX_The_Destroyer#

    DmoniX_The_Destroyer October 22, 2013 7:05:34 PM CEST

    I've pooped out cooler things than this

  • zeep#

    zeep October 22, 2013 6:30:11 PM CEST

    Lol no bird would sit that easy if a predator like that dragon flew overhead. They would all fly away instantly.

  • thommystromdahl#

    thommystromdahl October 22, 2013 9:47:31 AM CEST

    Why bother putting up nonsense like this...

  • Fliegezeug#

    Fliegezeug October 22, 2013 6:15:23 AM CEST

    Tired of wasting time with videos like that?
    How can you avoid them?
    What happens:
    - People post fake videos and then they are rated as five stars by themselves.
    - The site, based on the rating, put the best-rated videos at the top of the front page.
    - Since a video is rated as one star - at least - it never rolls back to 0 (zero) stars.
    - These users end up receiving a place in the "hall of fame" (or "hall of shame"?).
    - Worse...The impression for the visitor, is that the site hosts a bunch of trash.
    What must be done - two steps - (read "cleaning the crap"):
    - The user must be blocked for rating his own movie.
    - We need an option to rate the movie as 0 (zero) stars, so we will be able to roll it back to 0 (zero) stars.
    It can be done in a very simple way.
    I guess that these two implementations can bring back the old and good times of DTV.
    Thanks for reading it.

  • Kinninigan#online

    Kinninigan October 22, 2013 5:48:01 AM CEST

    2 claws up!

  • Trubowie#

    Trubowie October 22, 2013 3:08:59 AM CEST

    blatantly pinched this Dragon from SKYRIM..

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