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2 skool @ 3: 'Universal Pre-K Closes Achievement Gap' [Bill de Blasio @ ForaTv]


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The term Pre-kindergarten is often used interchangeably with the concepts of "day care", and "child care"; however, these other early childhood settings focus their goal on substitutionary care for children while their legal parents/guardians are absent as opposed to pre-K's focus on skill building. They could involve academic training, or they could involve solely socializing activities.

Pre-kindergartens, though, differentiate themselves by equally focusing on harvesting a child's (1) social development, (2) physical development, (3) emotional development, and (4) cognitive development. They commonly follow a set of organization-created teaching standards in shaping curriculum and instructional activities/goals. The term "preschool" more accurately approximates the name "pre-kindergarten", for both focus on harvesting the same four child development areas in subject directed fashion. Pre-kindergartens refer to such school classrooms that function within a public school under the supervision of a public school administrator and funded completely by state or federally allocated funds, and private donations.
Bill de Blasio, the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City, argues that expanding universal pre-kindergarten is a sure-fire investment, resulting in higher test scores, better jobs with higher wages, lower rates of welfare enrollment and incarceration.
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