Hard Evidence: NASA Is Lying About Mars Pt.1/2

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Tom Charles Van Flandern (born Cleveland, Ohio, 1940) is an American astronomer who specialized in celestial mechanics. He received a PhD from Yale University and worked at the U.S. Naval Observatory for 20 years. He is married to Barbara Ann Weber and is the father of four children.

Van Flandern is best known for his contention that certain features on the surface of Mars are artificial sculptures of \\\"faces\\\" created by extraterrestrial beings. In addition, he advocates the replacement of modern theories of physics with his own set of ideas, which he calls \\\"deep reality physics\\\", the main feature of which is his belief in the possibility of faster-than-light travel and limitless free energy. His 1993, 1999 book also challenges prevailing notions regarding dark matter and solar system formation. He maintains a personal web page devoted to these topics. His views have not found acceptance within the mainstream scientific community.

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