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Special #25: 6"-Being no known genetic defect & not miscarried or aborted fetus

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  • uploaded: Oct 21, 2013
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  • edburkemusician#

    edburkemusician October 23, 2013 4:06:57 AM CEST

    I'd like to know who's doing the speaking in this clip. Anything can be cleverly photoshopped in today's world, so LIVE ACTION SHOTS need be taken of this supposed anomolous humanoid to enhance believability. It's not such a hard sell in that respect. And why not additional color photos be taken to assist the idea that this is an "important breakthrough"? Otherwise, I'm undecided on the veracity of this clip, yet find it quite entertaining. To wit, I do not FEAR extraterrestrials, because collected data of such phenomena indicate that they ARE already here to observe and direct Earthly subjects to mend and hold together as a functional society. Not blow each other up and the planet along with it. As for a One World Order, it's beginning to make more sense, as it has a fighting chance (if conducted under non-hostile & well-thought-out directives) to potentially solve the world's current monetary woes after painting itself into a ghastly financial corner through greed, manipulation & powermongering. The breakdown and eradication of divisive world religions would be considered from such truths emerging, such as us currently being monitored by stealth entities parked and examining us on the periphery of the dark side of the moon. Such ideas seem far-fetched to the ostrich, but when NASA tracked something recently that through some kind of spectral analysis identified a molecular bonding way beyond anything ever constructed or found here on Earth, that one grabbed my attention. Again, hard evidence substantiating such a thing would be deeply appreciated and efficacious in Man's Search for Meaning. Through all the lies and deception that alternatively take place nowadays, I totally understand why the powers that be want to keep all of this under wraps from the rest of us. Why Area 51 & Bob Lazar was kept quiet through threats of force. Exposure of such things like this 6" alien-like skeletal structurc combined with honest reporting from our media could engender mind-blowing revelations of extraterrestrial intervention already underway, which very much could realistically take away the thrust and power that politicians currently enjoy in Washington. So much hogwash and disinformation being disseminated through today's media tells me they must indeed be hiding something from most of us. Robotic liberal media is instructed to stick to scripts proven by the Conan O'Brien clips. Washington has no
    'unselfish' motive to give up such power by telling us the TRUTH, either, so I'm eager to see how this all plays out over the upcoming months, years, etc. FEAR has no place in such an exciting arena of new possibilities for the purpose of the perpetuation of our species here on Spaceship Earth. What the powers that be are NOT telling us is FEAR-BASED and SELF-SERVING.

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