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Whistleblower EXPOSES GOV'T SHUTDOWN And FEMA - ISON - UFO Coverup

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Oct 21, 2013
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  • Debunker1900#

    Debunker1900 October 27, 2013 11:53:34 PM CET

    There are ways to determine the composition of distant objects. EM radiation in the form of radio, gamma, IR, etc, give off specific spectral frequencies based on what it has come in contact with. The change in the frequencies can be measured and a good determination as to what something is made of can be made. The method is called astronomical spectroscopy. It's a very common method used with considerable success. By using this method, we were able to determine the composition of the atmosphere of nearby planets like Mars and Venus. Confirmation to the accuracy of spectroscopy was made by sending probes to test the atmosphere proving that this is a reliable method.

  • Mart290562#

    Mart290562 October 23, 2013 8:33:47 PM CEST

    Hi, maybe I've got some images of your L-shaped crafts.
    They're from the raw images of Cassini near Saturn. 14/06/2013
    Mail: mart@briepe.com

  • jaquonjhonson#

    jaquonjhonson October 23, 2013 7:27:47 AM CEST

    The guy sounds like he's reading from a script! Total FAKE!!

  • Drcassiel#

    Drcassiel October 23, 2013 5:40:42 AM CEST

    Another video caca,

  • Oldsoul#

    Oldsoul October 23, 2013 3:01:10 AM CEST

    JFK'S secret society speech - Erased from our history is the history I had along with JFK. The "Monolithic" Group is called the incorporated 'COVENS of AZAZEL'; defined as "The PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL". "Covet Means" is when they alter the Legislative Branch(Papal) the Money system(Royal) and the Merchant pricing system (Federal) to create specific system of default on a Target they Coveted; which allowed them to use force of law(police) to seize people and property. This caused economic collapse, whereby the servicers would refuse service under the Commerce Law of 'no profit received' and this left people without housing, food, water, necessary to Life goods and commodities and this caused a mass death toll in societies. It is punishable by the Death Penalty for being a "Known method of Warfare by the Covens of Azazel, with Express Premeditated Intent to Commit Mass Murder of the Society of Man"

    They are the other side of the 'War in Heaven' and thus 'oppose' Mankind. The Papal is the head of the Illuminati; "AL, EL, IL, are Latin suffixes for god El(oheim) with whom Man is at War with in the War in Heaven". Their Babylonian name was "Illi/Illu" and "Illumi" - "Lilith's" Shining Ones" originating from the "Abyss." Mercury. The The Head of the Freemasons is Queen Elizabeth, who is the Mirror for "Lilith". QE1, was "Selene" the Babylonian slave queen; Inanna queen of the Moloch daughter of "SET" whom the Hebrew Coven named "Solomon the wise Serpent" and the "Terrible Judge".

    The war was between "Atum" the 'All Father', the Branch of Man who is "God"; and "SET" the 'Leviathan class Serpent of the Abyss', Father of the Branch of Reptiles ruler of the Underworld and Abyss. Common man called him 'Satan' sumerians called him "An" the arabs called him "Suliemon the Great". SET won the initial battle, and Earth was pulled into the Abyss, through the "Eye". After which they moved the pharisees seat again, and broke up the power structure to protect Lilith. The PAPAL is the Legislative branch, and "Holy S.E.E." is the Securities Exchange Executor who stole our Security of the PERSON bonds and is the Illuminati; the QE is the Executor Branch, Pharaoh, and owns the Money system & Freemason; the Federals are the Judicial Branch and own all the Merchant services such as AT&T, Mortgage services, Wall Street and all Corporations.

    Heaven has been redefined. It is another place, with worlds. Only 'good' is allowed 'up' through the Eye and back. The Name God most uses is "The ONE" origin of "The Law of One". The proper name of Satan is the "Owl" which are the reptilian & Moloch who possessed even An.

    The Abyss is the negative space between Heaven and the Underworld. Those cast off into the Abyss had their vehicles removed as punishment. "You are not the Body the Body is the Vehicle". This made them parasitic and able to invade a host and take possession. Archons are a brain parasite; the Illi are propagandized in the Movie 'Host'. The "Moloch", in the movie "The Fourth Kind".

    On the Moon at same time frame - There was a massive explosion, it was beyond nuclear. A fleet of disks came out. This was caught on live feed, and posted on youtube.

    The "government" - The invasion was completed by use of the Parasitic invaders. Every Bilderberg meet, and every Church, that was the Coven Ant's blood pact for power. Rothschild and the Coven's offered the followers as hosts and food source. This is why their behaviors change, and they descend quickly.

    The War in Heaven is Over. Mankind has won.
    An who is now surrendered and back under the Law of One called for a stand down of the Prison guards, the ptb.
    The division of the families was to occur.
    The Covens refused to give up their power and their food/slave source. They refused An.

    He has therefore commanded all Other Parent Branches under him, to join forces with the Allied forces of Mankind, under The One. This makes for a confusing scene when trying to identify the combatants above, through the scopes now; between The Cube ships of Saturn, the disks of the El of Mercury, the Warbirds of the Snake families.

    The Soho Lasco images, show that the Eye is now open. The Prometheus can be seen near the Black sun. The Cubes and other 'opposing' ships are still firing. However they are now quite at the disadvantage since the Parent Branches have entered the fray.

    The PTB are scared, because this is their parent branch approaching. And it here isn't to Help them. They were told to stand down and stop trying to kill the public. The PTB refused and continued. Those at the top of the Covens, all the priest kings including the Li family run by 'Ra', have direct contact and are fully informed of who they pissed off. They are also aware of what their fate is, for having disobeyed An/SET.

    Mankind's payment has been made. "Redemption" is defined as "Rescue" from "Alien Powers". There was a price -usury fee - for this 'ride'. Hence, we had to be bought back. That has been done. Many have not been sealed by the branch of man. Including all the 'horus' Jesus followers. However, ALL who are 'good' will go up (East Gate). There are 13 families Above. We go to Laurel Worlds, and return to a life without slavery money systems, deliberate shortages, etc.

    Those who are not 'good' and owe a 'debt' are going Below (West Gate) These are the die hard 'must have a government/king rule' and 'must have money/tax' and all of those 'damn Niggers and Mexican' hating people; and those who are continuously slamming others as 'trolls' and paid shills for the government. This is not the propagandized 'Hollow Earth', which they lied about. It is a form of 'hell' with all the things that the PTB have set up to kill the populations: chipping, Slavery, endless war, a poisoned landscape, endless food and water shortages.

    Those who are the truly evil ones, who are doing all of this here and who knew whom they were fighting against (God), are cast off. This includes the pedophiles, and rapists, and murder for pleasure types. The people who will riot at the drop of a hat, and kill another for the five cents in their pocket; are considered 'scabs' by both parties "Above" and "Below" and are wanted by neither. All of these get the pit. They were always evil, and absent of all good. No other chances will be given.

  • Zenmeister451#

    Zenmeister451 October 23, 2013 2:14:36 AM CEST

    I can see no way for anyone to be able to ascertain the composition of an object via a simple telescope...at least as regards being able to say that the 'objects' are made up of nano tube materials. Spectroscopy can determine certain compositional materials but I have never heard of such a thing as spectroscopical identification of nano technology.

  • ShadowSprite#

    ShadowSprite October 23, 2013 12:48:11 AM CEST

    Most of these sites are run or monitored by Gov't. Reactions are tracked. There has been rumor/ conspiracy talk of a faked Mass Invasion .... could this be it? NWO, Alien invasion, .... All they need is a few who believe in it all without reasonable doubt to go screaming into the streets causing mass hysteria which is infectious... Oh Joy.

  • Loky#

    Loky October 22, 2013 7:42:41 PM CEST

    Things could be worse!
    Maybe they are on holiday?
    Bring out the Bunting, maybe the ships will play peek-aboo from behind the moon

  • danwiberg9#

    danwiberg9 October 22, 2013 7:32:49 PM CEST

    I am a whistle blower. Want an mp3? I also do duck calls and look like Uncle Sy. That's a fact Jack. (because I said so)
    My bullshit meter is screaming. I am wondering how they could determine the composition of 'the objects' EG: carbon nano tubes through the lens of a telescope.

  • Tyrssen#

    Tyrssen October 22, 2013 6:58:02 PM CEST

    Yeah, Termite got it right. "My name is ..... and I have to protect myself by not revealing too much"??? Well duh! Also: Okay, there's lotsa stuff in space and we are not alone. So how is that going to cause the crash of all civilization? More like, "so what?"

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