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Bible Prophecy: 'Blood Moons 2014/2015 Debunked' [TigerDan925]


  • ktisis#

    ktisis November 27, 2013 9:30:58 AM CET

    A couple of points:
    (1) The issue of the "19 years" and "48 years" is a side issue. I have been involved with this discussion concerning these events/scripture/history for over a year and you are the first one I have read that even brings it up. I am not saying that "no one" has ever claimed any significance, but that it is entirely a side issue--a distraction.
    (2) The tetrads on feast days are significant---and the 1949 date is not at all surprising, actually--expected. Please note: Israel was "reborn in a day" in May of 1948. Since that is AFTER Passover 1948, we would expect a tetrad marking that event as occurring on the very next Passover (which it did---1949). This is logical and expected.
    (3) The 1967/68 tetrad and related events are also within logical parameters. A tetrad could be prophetic or memorial. The 1949/50 tetrad are memorials of the rebirth of Israel, and the 1967/68 tetrad is prophetically anticipatory of the recapturing of the Temple Mount (June 1967).
    Since we do not know if the 2014/15 is anticipatory or memorial, it is impossible to be dogmatic if the event is in 2014, it may be 2015. One possibly scenario that is interesting to consider is the onset of the Ezekiel 38,39 "war" (invasion) by Russia, Iran, and a few Arab states against Israel. The defeat in a supernatural demonstration of God's power could lead many (even secular) Jews to demand access to the Temple Mount and even the building of the Third Temple. So the next tetrad could have to do with the defeat of the Ezekiel 38-39 invasion force, and the signing of the covenant to allow the rebuilding of the Temple (Daniel 9)


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