Requiem for One [Peter Joseph Live @ The Zeitgeist Movement]

"Zeitgeist: Requiem for One" is a performance piece for Audio and Video Display accompanied by live acoustic and electronic instruments, mostly percussion. This work actually mirrors the original intention/performance work of what became "Zeitgeist: The Movie" in 2007. The work is, in part, a medley of the Zeitgeist Film Series, coupled with the concurrent theme of sadness resulting from the gestural "loss of the One" with respect to the severe human divisions and conflicts on this planet at this time. In many ways, this work encompasses the gestural definition of what The Zeitgeist Film Series is about, along with The Social Movement that was inspired from it."

"Sorry to say but, as an individual, I don't really care what you believe, nor do I particularly respect it. Why? Because I don't really respect what I believe either. There is no evidence to show that any of the traditional values, establishments, social structures or common practices will be relevant tomorrow. The only thing that appears to stand the test of time is this very notion of change, the ever-evolving understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit. Perhaps some might think that is actually the definition of human intelligence.
What do you think about that? Less about what we know, more about who vulnerable we are. So when you look at our wisdom, ask yourself. Do you see intelligence or do you see dogma? Do you see a culture if listening and working to realign itself with the ever-emerging natural orders as they unfold, or do you see desperately stubborn efforts by many, particularly by those of power, trying to keep everything the same to the detriment of the entire human experiment?
You know, like you, I might be only one member of this family that is now 7 billion strong; and like most families sometimes it is hard for us to agree, but sometimes, things gat so bad that we need serious intervention.
This is that intervention, in the hope to salvage what is clearly a culture in decline."

- Peter Joseph -

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