NSA Director gives a propaganda interview [Keith Alexander @ LiveLeak]

Aka 'One biatch caught lying with a straight face for half an hour!'

He explains / demands why whistleblowing should be curbed more effectively.
Dear NSA instead of publishing selfish propaganda videos, just start acting (or try it at least) within the framework of your US-constitution. And btw: stop spying on German Chancellor Merkel and the other 700 million Europeans who actually view the NSA as a thuggish organization that has absolutely no right to break our laws here in the EU and to spy on our civil-society and our politicians!

Poll: What do you think about the NSA?

➀ The NSA protects my citizens rights!
➁ The NSA violates my citizens rights!
➂ Damn.... I'm from the NSA watching this Page and can't decide which answer is the right one!

Vote for team Snowden!

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2d8_1382718178#WsMyZB0cb7AgV7S7.99

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