10/25/2013 -- Japan 7.2M earthquake = very similar to March 2011

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Today, a magnitude earthquake struck off the Eastern shores of Japan. Now downgraded to a event by the USGS. Noteworthy movement for the area, and a sign of the ongoing geologic unrest occurring globally. Over the past 7 days, we saw the in the along the South Mid-Atlantic ridge, as well as a flurry of earthquakes across the West Pacific over the past 48 hours (up to 7pm oct 25 2013) .... Also, add in the MULTIPLE M-class, and two X-class solar flare events during the same time frame, indicating a need for us to watch for FURTHER large scale earthquake activity inside areas already experiencing up. watch the cluster points already under pressure, this includes a serious watch for Japan in the near term. Don't forget those multiple earthquakes last week in the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea! Meaning the whole area is in flux. The solar flares are fuel to the fire. Be prepared, dust off your plans, restock those shelves (if you live in an earthquake prone area)... just in case! West Coast this INCLUDES midwest USA (where I live) Maybe have an idea of what you would do "if" something happened on the New Madrid. Not saying its going to, but it has been rather silent, amidst a sea of geologic turmoil internationally. Live streaming feeds here (weather, solar, earthquake): earthquake monitoring links here:

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