Pulsating And Expanding Western Sky UFO - October 26, 2013 In5D.com

  • Uploaded by Grey on Oct 27, 2013
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Article, videos and photos: have been documenting a UFO in the western sky and tonight, I captured the UFO pulsating and expanding. At the end of the video, I slowed it down 4x to allow the viewer to see the changing colors and shapes of this have clearly documented that this UFO is not Arcturus, Jupiter, Venus, Antares, Mars or Saturn, nor is it a satellite, comet or asteroid. If you look of Stellarium or the cell phone app, SkEye, you will not find anything in this area of the see:Multi-Colored UFO In Western Florida Video and Images Of Western Sky Glowing UFO In Evening Western Sky - Starship? Comet? Nibiru? Hercolubus?

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