Hemp Fuel can prevent Wars making poisonous energy Obsolete

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Do your own research. Biodegradable Hemp Fuel can prevent Wars making poisonous energy Obsolete. Wars can result from lack of fuel, energy and resources that renewable hemp can make abundant and cheap. Hemp fuel can be so abundant and cheap where poisonous energy would be too expensive, are investors(people) mislead, stupid or want poisoned people? Help share this information and make the world a better place, who doesn't want to save money? Think of the oil, natural gas, nuclear, coal, chemical, poison industries that have built an infrastructure hemp can make obsolete and might want to maintain their investments with controlled opposition and disinformation! Corruption, criminals, frauds, mafia/organized crime benefit from people not being able to grow their own marijuana or people being told how many plants can be grown. The well being of people and security of entire countries are being undermined by the Fraudulent war on drugs.

Study History, check out the Free Documentary World Government Election Fraud 2012 http://mylesohowe.com/worldgovernment.html
Look at Fascist Symbols in the House of Congress in America

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