God being Spirit, only the twice-born of spirit can worship Him in Truth and in spirit, no hypocrisy.

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God being Spirit, only the twice-born of spirit can worship Him in Truth and in spirit, no hypocrisy.
Read John4 and tell me the names of the Five Husbands of the Samaritan Woman. Christ Jesus Preached Sermon that from now on, you need not worship God in Jerusalem or on any Hill but at your own Home in Truth and in spirit. Christ Peter is the Apostle of Truth and he killed two liars Annias and Saphira. Then, the people who entered the Church of God were Truthful, had Temples of God on Rock Foundation and devoted to God 100%. They sold their properties to join the community free of Mammon.
After the deaths of Angel Stephen, Christ James, the Just Twin-Brother of Christ Jesus and Peter, the arid sacked Temple Priests entered the Church by jumping over the Walls as a Thief and found the Church of God not capable of defending himself. They presented Torah as their Bait to attract the old customer - Matt.12v43-45 making the situation worse than before the arrival of Christ Jesus. These crook Messianic Jews created new establishment in line with the old Temple organisation. They created Pope to replace the Temple High Priest and these Dog-Collared hireling robed Priests to replace the Rabbis, who loved to be addressed as Father.
Anyone who objected to their ruling was killed as the Temple high priest demanded. Light of Jesus was smothered so much so that they proclaimed in the Nicene Creed, Christ died and Christ rose on third day when Christ being His Word that was in the beginning and He is forever is written in the Gospel. Brain-washed stooges of the Pope created havoc and Pope ordained spiritually dead as Saints.
Jesus by laying His own life as the Passover Lamb of God got rid of the Intermediary between man and God, our Father in Spirit by Tearing away the Curtain of the Holiest of Holy stressing that from now on, you have a direct approach to God through Logos derived through logical reasoning when two or three are gathered together in honour of His name like Fellow Brethren. He also shifted us from the Brick-built Temples, the synagogues to the living Temples of God built by Nature for the abode of our supernatural soul. Our Supernatural soul being the son of our Supernatural Father is also Free of Sins that are transgressions against the man-made moral laws to discipline the natural men in Adam. As the seed of Adam is in the man and not the woman, only men can teach the Scriptures and only the men can learn the moral laws. Thus, women are not allowed to become Rabbis or teach the moral laws. So, in Jesus, we are no more under the moral laws and sin but we are subject to the righteousness of heart that you attain when what is inside is made equal to what is outside as the little children represent. This is called worshipping God in spirit.
So, we need to worship God that lives in His Own House, the living Temple of God in Truth, no lies and in spirit, no hypocrisy. Rabbis kept demiurge mythological Yahweh alienated by telling their once-born Disciples that Yahweh Father is in Heaven. Remember Jesus condemned hypocrisy to the utmost and today, these Dog-Collared hireling Priests in the Churches of Mammon created by these spiritually blind hypocrites worse than the Temple Rabbis. Only the blind men can define an elephant in this manner whilst the enlightened ones carry the Temples of God with them and they worship Father in truth and in spirit. They do not pray or fast, the old House rituals not needed in the Perfect New Temple of God. For further details, watch my Youtube Videos.In Jesus, we have been moved from the brick-built Synagogues made by human hands for the Rabbi, a Priest of Moses or teacher of the moral laws, to the Temple of God made by Nature where the Christ, our Royal Priest greater than John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah, called Innerman is sitting in your heart that leads your life to Salvation through Preaching Gospel. Thus, with Christ in our hearts, we are solitary capable of entering into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Father. This Vineyard has a Narrow Gate for the solitary and through grace you find this Gate. In Jesus, we have Fellowship of Royal Priests and those who employ Hireling Dog-Collared Priests in Moses for Prayer and fasting, the old rituals in Moses are Anti-Christs annulling the Sacrifice of Jesus as the Lamb of God. Technical help needed.

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