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I shot this on the go on my way home from work. The date was 8/26/2013. I dont know what is happening in this country anymore people but we are getting ready for something big. Its wide open now I just wish someone would come forward and tell what is going on!Make sure to visit to find out more about the 7 Trumpets of Revelation, The Creators Calendar and much clean prepping food with no GMO's that is healthy to eat? Then #utm_source=yt&utm_medium=rv&utm_campaign=lc to stock up so you will be prepared for when disaster THUNDER BY:Mark DiAngeloINTRO/OUTRO SOUNDS AND MUSIC PROVIDED :PREPPER,PREPPING,YAHUWAH,YAHUVAH,YAHUSHUA,YAHSHUA,MESSIAH,SALVATION,666,MAN OF SIN, holy spirit, truth, gospel, lord, salvation, word, prophecy, prophet, study, preaching, hebrew, grace, messiah, ministries, ministry, pastor, cross, revival, healing, savior false, END OF DAYS, LOUD CRY, REVELATION 18, REVELATION 17 REVELATION ,13 MESSIANIC, father, saved, teaching, trinity, god's, ROMAN CATHOLIC,PAPACY,POPE,BIBLE CALENDAR,LUNAR SABBATH,LUNI-SOLAR CALENDAR,sabbath, new moon, appointed feasts,bible calendar,hebrew calendar, worship days, holidays,messianic, new kingdom,end of days, end of time, trumpets of revelation,chodesh,oth,moed,moadaw, 7 TRUMPETS, END DAYS,FINAL EVENTS,RESURRECTION, 2ND COMING,LUCAS CAMERON,DOOMSDAY PREPPERS,NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC,NATGEO PREPPERS,PREPPING PROJECT,HOW TO PREP,PREPPER PROJECT,PREP,HOW TO,LUCAS CAMERON,7trumpetsprepper, the 7 trumpets of revelation,7 trumpets of revelation,seven trumpets of revelation,final events,being prepared,lucas cameron doomsday preppers season 2, season 2 doomsday preppers lucas cameron, lucas cameron earthquake prepper,earthquake prepper lucas cameron, 7 trumpets of revelation lucas cameron

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