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The Truth About Obamacare


Obamacare facts explained by Stefan Molyneux. A comprehensive look at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and it's Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at: Address: 1Fd8RuZqJNG4v56rPD1v6rgYptwnHeJRWsLitecoin Address: LL76SbNek3dT8bv2APZNhWgNv3nHEzAgKTGet more from Stefan Molyneux and Freedomain Radio including books, podcasts and other info at: US Affiliate Link: Canada Affiliate Link: UK Affiliate Link: Radio Facebook: Radio Twitter: Radio Google+: Radio LinkedIn: #ixzz2iemiqA00;utm_source=1160BReason&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1

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