TRANSLATED! Russian Meteorite Compilation. LOUD EXPLOSION!

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RUSSIAN METEORITE EXPLOSIONS COMPILATION , , 2013 : Russian meteor explosion 2013 translated loud compilation. - Here is the ONLY translated compilation made from the BEST and EXPLOSIVE video footage of meteorite crash in Russia near Chelyabinsk, Urals on the Translated! Very LOUD sound! Awesome blast! Russian people 's reaction, panic and shock! Filmed on a car dash cam. Best of Russian meteor crash compilation. Russian meteor shower caught on Compiled, edited and translated by ViewOnceThinkTwice for the benefit of non-russian speaking , ViewOnceThinkTwice. - :1. . - meteorite in Russia - steroid in Russia! - (). - YouTube / After the explosion of a meteorite - YouTube - YouTube 15,02,2013 - YouTube . Meteor explosion in Russian - 8. YouTube - YouTube 15 2013 - YouTube . , BEST OF RUSSIAN METEORITE CRASH EXPLOSION COMPILATION TRANSLATED - , RUSSIAN SWEARING TRANSLATIONMETEOR SHOWER RUSSIA 2013 2013 !Car crash compilation ! / , 2013 ! sound shockwave in Chelyabinsk, RussiaMeteor Hits Russia Giant Meteor Russian Explosion compilationBest compilation of Russia's meteorite EXPLOSIONS LOUD AWESOMETranslated Russian Explosion CompilationChelyabinsk, Russia Meteor explodes in the sky with AMAZINIGINCREDIBLE EXPLOSION of meteorite Caught on camera Moment SCARY SOUND! Russian meteorite video translated by ViewOnceThinkTwice channelHD Feb 15th 2013

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