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Little Kids' Adorable Attempts To Say 'Trick Or Treat'

  • Uploaded by Extraett on Oct 31, 2013
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You probably don't remember the first time you donned a garbage can to become R2-D2, but you were probably adorable. These toddler variations of the classic Halloween phrase, "Trick or Treat!", will make you look back fondly on the days you or your child wobbled from door to door on a glorious trail of candy and are the full, original videos in order of appearance:1. Dragon Drew Says "Trick or Treat" Adventure Time with Maddie & Ethan: Trick or Treat - 2010 "trick or treat" by Lucas Ellie and Sam saying "trick or treat" Thor saying Trick or Treat at home Toddlers Trick or Treat Tounge Twister Trick or Treat!! Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat! Bella trying to say trick or treat! Kyle says trick or treat Say Trick or Treat say trick or treat Trick or Treat 10/31/10 Trick or Treating at Home Trick or Treat! trick r treat Wil trying to say "trick or treat" trick r treat Trick-or-Treat 2010 We Can Say Trick or Treat Gracie saying trick or treat more feel good video clips at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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