UFO 2013 - Strange Sounds, Trumpets of the Gods 2 (HD)

Strange Sounds: NASA Blue Beam Project or Sign of Apocalypse? A collection off stranges sounds and sky-booms that were recorded this year (2013)Researchers and scientists have been unable to pinpoint or confirm the source of these strange sounds, but they believe the hum could have been created by ocean waves crashing over continental shelves that produced some of the videos that were uploaded to Youtube were labeled as hoaxes, most of them are recorded by people all over the world. Is this all a collaborate hoax? You be the ALIENS CAUGHT ON TAPE. MILLION VIEWS AND COUNTING! AVAILABLE: GREY ALIENS CAUGHT ON TAPE 2 MERMAIDS CAUGHT ON TAPE (AMAZING FOOTAGE) HD 2013 - MOST AMAZING UFO FOOTAGE (HD) CAUGHT ON TAPE (HD) 2013 - THE CONSPIRACY CONNECTION (HD) WITH ALL MY VIDEOS: THAT EVERYTHING DEPICTED IN MY VIDEOS IS OPEN FOR DEBATE AND I CAN'T CONFIRM ITS AUTHENTICITY!

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