Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Comet Ison and Billy Graham

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Nov 3rd a rare Hybrid, Ring of fire, Solar eclipse will occur at the same time Ison will be first seen to the naked eye in the Eastern Sky. Also information on Billy Grahams last call to the nation. Correction: I'm not sure if this is speech format, so we will say its his last call to the :A rare hybrid solar eclipse will occur on Sunday Nov. 3rd. It begins as a ring of fire, then shifts to a total eclipse as the moon's shadow sweeps across the earth. The moon will blot out the sun on Sunday Nov. 3rd and will be visible in Eastern North America as the ring of fire and total eclipse. People in the West should see the full ring of fire while Southern states should see a crescent shaped sun. Only 7 of this type of hybrid eclipse has ever occurred since the birth of Jesus. Comets are an Omen for Israel, while a solar eclipse is an Omen for the gentile nations. Both of these may be harbingers of war soon to come. Along with this eclipse is the new moon and the first sighting of comet Ison in the Eastern sky to the naked eye. So on this day, Nov. 3rd, comet Ison will make it's appearance during this ring of fire, rare, hybrid solar eclipse. Could this be foretelling that there will war in the near future, among the gentile nations and among Israel?Also another thing to watch. Rev. Billy Graham will be giving his last speech which will be aired on TV and internet from Nov. 7th-9th. It called "My Hope America" A nationwide outreach. This man will be turning 95 years old during this speech and the Lord is about to use him in a mighty way. I suggest you watch this as he will undoubtedly have a word from the Lord to share with all of us. Its amazing that he lived to be 95 and is now going to give a last speech to the nation, something the Lord put on his heart to share with all of us. Fox News will be covering this speech at 10:00 Eastern on Nov. 7th, but other stations will air this at different days and times. Check the link below to find the listings for your channel. The fact that he is making this speech now, I believe is no coincidence. He's going to talk about how close we are to the rapture of the church! What an awesome blessing and word from the Lord this will be. I believe it will a last outpouring of God to the lost, just before his return. This to me as a watcher is definitely a sign of his coming! Be sure to mark your calendars and watch you guys, we are in last and final days. God bless you all!

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