This Is Not Normal Sun Behavior... Coronal Flash plus Entire Sept/Oct Sequence.

Music By Little River Band: "Long Way There"This video contains over ten thousand individual images. At 5:35 Look at the brilliant flash in the solar Also seen as time stamp 15 watch what happens to the sun when these flashes WTF? Many flares were missed during government Many Flares were edited off real They are Now Featured here on Stereo A archive. You must note carefully the activity of the sun leading to October's Fireworks On October 23rd. Notice the brilliant flash in the solar corona that started this Amazing October Flare activity. Irradiance of the sun is at very high levels the size of these filaments are simply immense. The relentless sunspot flaring has been impressive. Notice in this video the number of shockwaves that resonate as a light note the speed of many streamers and

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