'Game Over! Dollar Dead! Gold $7000' part 1 [Patrick Willis © Jim Willie]

Astounding statements from none other than Jim Willie. Part 2: Many analyst writers choose the Black Swan analogy to describe deeply ominous events in progress, with little forward notice. The analogy simply does not fit anymore, as an armada...

Astounding statements from none other than Jim Willie.
Part 2: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/156109/Game_Over_Dollar_Dead_Gol...

Many analyst writers choose the Black Swan analogy to describe deeply ominous events in progress, with little forward notice. The analogy simply does not fit anymore, as an armada of black swans is more appropriate, spotted on regular and frequent sightings. The Jackass preference is to describe a series of major cracks in the financial fortress that defends the USDollar system and its decrepit USTreasury Bond shuttle buggy. The vehicle is overloaded with supply and bereft of investors, upheld by a printing press, explained by pure heresy. Its derivative coil on the undercarriage axel system is broken from the overdone leverage and hidden machinations. The integrity of the USD/USTB brand name was cast off the American coat of arms along with the Lehman Brothers killing to save Goldman Sachs, the adoption of Fannie Mae to conceal the fraud, and the AIG to contain the derivative payouts. The October Hat Trick Letter explains the Wall Street saga behind the scenes on the GSax rescue, managed by the USDept Treasury office. The US financial fortress died in September 2008, when the Jackass made the USGovt debt default forecast. What has happened in the following long five years has been an incredibly prolonged and desperate attempt, its creativity recognized, to extend life support to a corpse beset by necrosis and sclerosis, whose blood has turned toxic, lacking any oxygen (capital). The US nation has lost its way, no longer capable of comprehending capitalism. Its policy initiatives actively destroy precious capital on the banker altar, celebrating the dark side with celebrations of fire. The emaciated body economic is being prepared to be handled by the JPMorgue for processing.
Poorly informed foreign observers have a very difficult time coming to grips with the death of the King Dollar. It is pushed by far worse than a Zombie Mule Team. Its USD/USTB team is a marauding killer of banking systems, destroyer of capital, and wrecking ball of economies. The legitimacy of the global reserve currency is not found in a proper seal or exotic filament or ornate watermarks. It is found in a valid foundation in gold reserve, a sound economy on firm foundation, and a management team upholding integrity. The USDollar and USTreasury Bond has none of the above. It is the abused currency with bond vehicle exploited by a criminal banking organization whose roots are the same as the nazis. Credit goes to their ilk for better concealment of their identity and family bloodline. Their signature is stolen gold, bond fraud, war and genocide, with a penchant for control as a chaser.
Some readers might believe that my public warnings are exaggerated, as a national condition is described with hyperbole. Not so, Cabo!! The American citizens have seen their home equity largely depleted, long regarded as their inflation hedge. Now they have none. The same citizens have seen their pension plans largely depleted, long depended upon for future retirement income. The same citizens have seen their Social Security Trust Fund ransacked, long depended upon for basic future financial support. The same citizens have been treated like criminals for association with Occupy Wall Street, the billyclub wielded by the FBI. The same citizens have been subjected to a long list of Executive Decrees, which gut their civil liberties and bill of rights, long regarded as the bastion of freedoms. The same citizens have been victimized by banker fraud, protected by the Too Big To Fail mantra. The same citizens have been exploited by the military industrial complex in predatory wars and narcotics vertically integrated business, their bodies mere cannon fodder, their coffins filled with heroin, the suicide rate extreme among soldiers due to stress and rape. The same citizens were recently exposed to false flag events in Syria, where the chemical weapon perpetrator is a US ally with home on the Persian Gulf. The same citizens are now exposed to chemtrail toxic atmospheric lacing and Pacific radiation, thus the air and water gradually unfit for habitation and nourishment. So conclude the exaggerations are perhaps on target. Beware the Warsaw Factor mixed with the Stockholm Syndrome, which will not be explained. Do the research. The safety valves are gold & silver ownership and a ticket off the USS Titanic. The golden lifeboats are in short supply. Actually they have been in short supply for two years, their shortage more acute with each passing month.
The USD/USTB brand is dead. The big questions that remain are 1) how the brand will be declared dead, 2) what new currencies will appear with proper asset backing, 3) what form the Gold Standard will return, and 4) whether its criminal helm will face prosecution for fraud, counterfeit, sweetheart loans, and money laundering. The answers are slowing being revealed. But before making conclusions on these key overarching questions, consider the cracks in the financial fortress. Each alone is devastating, but together they describe a wrecked castle that is fast crumbling, the fallout victims to be legions. The world has not only begun to notice, but rather made plans to defend from the fallout. The National Socialist bankers will not go quietly into the night. They will steal everything in their path with full impunity. They will continue to wreck the planetary integrity. They will continue to construct their underground cities. They will continue to wage wars both for supply line preservation and for obstruction of progress toward alternative pathways. The blowback has been impressive and far reaching. The prestige of the US nation is gone. The reputation of the King Dollar is gone. The beacon of capitalism is gone. What remains is the details of the collapse, the fallout from the impact, the extent of the resulting craters. As the USD/USTB brand fades away, the Third World awaits the once great nation. The price inflation, supply shortages, and civil disorder will echo the financial criminality, the vacated wealth, and the aggressive war stance, as severe hardship and massive disruption is guaranteed.
Many are the big ugly wild cards. Note the Afghan heroin industry and distribution across the NATO bases, the clearinghouse functions managed by JPMorguen via the Iraqi Export Bank in Baghdad. Note the pilfered US Gold reserves from Fort Knox by the Clinton-Rubin Admin, both revered men. Note the staged events on 910+1, complete with hidden coup d’etat. Note the Snowden files to reveal criminal deeds at the US Helm, the man labeled a traitor. The defensive tactics have turned more desperate and often border on the edge of amusing. In 2002, certain officers who attempted to reveal the sequence of events and the culpable parties from the big event the previous year were smeared with child pornography accusations. Memories fade. Few recall the Anthrax threat to the Congressional ventilation systems just before the Patriot Act passage, the threat as courtesy by the FBI. In general, the opponents to the fascist core axis are declared terrorists. The accusers are nazis deeply engaged in financial terror, war crimes, bond fraud on $trillion scale, central bank gold thefts, bond counterfeit, theft of large funds, murder to defend the fortress, with a cake that bears treason as icing.
The last three US Presidents have refused to submit to the USCongress their medical records, as required by law. The details of their narcotics addiction would not sit well with the American public or even naive Congressional members. Authority might not be followed. The world is watching. The world has identified the problem. The world has fingered the USDollar as the toxic paper, the USTBond as the acid element in their banking systems, and the US Bankers as the criminals in the room. The nations of the world have made grand strides in rallying behind China & Russia. The former has made a direct challenge to the US in global financial leadership. The latter has been making direct challenge to the US in global military leadership. The swing vote lies with the Saudis, who always hide behind daddy’s cape, whatever nation will provide them cover for their multi-$billion thefts of national resources with pacification via bond recycling.
The Saudis find themselves alienated from their US protector. They find themselves at friction-filled odds with Russia. They will find some measure of safe haven behind the Chinese cape. The Saudis are busily making their pivot to China. Note the large petro-chemical project begun last year near the Red Sea. The entire Arab Spring movement is a direct assault upon the Arab world, whose nations one after the other are run by autocrats better described as benevolent dictators.

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