NUKED PACIFIC 1: Embryonic effects of Fallout

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Part 1: Intro and Embryonic effects of nuclear fallout*Status of Fukushima & the Pacific OceanLeuren Moret & Christina Consolo aka RadChickon "The Real Deal" hosted by James FetzerAir date October 24, 2013Items discussed:Damage from radiation at embryonic stage of developmentThyroid affects endocrine systemDr Levan's hallmark studyMore links to be added from Leuren to entire series:Part 1: Intro and Embryonic effects of nuclear Part 2: Mutations and evidence of Part 3: Warning signs in Part 4: What does the Government know? Bomb testing, cow mutilation, & Political Part 5: 28 signs the West Coast is being FRIED with Fukushima radiation Part 6: 28 signs another FIRST for Fukushima - cesium Part 7: 28 signs "THEY ARE KILLING THE OCEANS" (final)

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