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WARNING - to Suspend Constitution - MARTIAL LAW - Riots Begin


Sheriff asked to take away our guns but refuses to participate in martial law. Elected officials warning of martial law, If the Government goes ahead with their plans, the second American revolution will begin and martial law will ensue nation wide. Our government has set this up to fail they want martial law. We have run out of money. 100 million Americans now on some type of government food program. They have plans to take these funds away and are preparing for riots in the street. Martial law is here.

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  • properREDeye#

    properREDeye November 7, 2013 4:50:47 PM CET

    So you have to consider what some of these people had done but what happened to innocent until proven guilty?! It infuriates me that rather than be professional and go to the situation prepared with a dog handler they will just destroy an innocent animal on sight, that is no less than animal cruelty and an extension of the way they view citizens. Whether or not you realise it Martial Law is only ever hours away, there are agencies armed to the teeth, some would out-gear the army and some are actual divisions of foreign armies. All are ready to go at a seconds notice and for your own good you had better believe that these people will follow orders and act without conscience. Someone is obviously expecting turbulent times and with the failing strength of the $ it seems most likely to me they are expecting circumstances that would upset a lot of the lower and middle classes. They are trying to retain compliance from their uniformed 'drones' using a steady wage as the incentive but when the $ collapses and a loaf of bread costs $100 will they still protect the people fleecing the majority population? A country is only ever "nine meals away from anarchy" according to Lord Cameron of Dillington from the UK after which "mayhem, and maybe even murder” ensue

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