TV9 News: India Set for Historic Mission To Mars; Mangalyaan Satellite To Be Launched

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TV9 News: India Set for Historic Mission To Mars; Mangalyaan Satellite To Be ,Follow us on : YOUTUBE : : : : India is scheduled to launch its Mars Orbiter Mission on Tuesday afternoon, almost a year after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced it, and six years after the preparations for the mission mission, which will take a year to reach Mars, will serve to boost India's scientific credentials as well as its expertise in launching inter-planetary probes, say analysts. It will also give the country bragging rights for having successfully launched a mission to Mars ahead of Japan and China."There is an ongoing race for space-related power and prestige currently in Asia, although few officials will admit it," said James Moltz, a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, who has written books about the space race. "India is clearly concerned about China's recent rise in space prestige and wants to minimize that damage."The project is expected to cost crore."Questions are sometimes asked about whether a poor country like India can afford a space programme and whether the funds spent on space exploration, albeit modest, could be better utilized elsewhere," Singh, who served on the country's Space Commission in the 1970s, said in his Independence Day speech last year while announcing the project that he called Mangalyaan. "This misses the point that a nation's state of development is finally a product of its technological prowess."On Monday, the Mars Orbiter Mission moved a step closer to launch with mandatory checks and preparations for propellant-filling operations for the second stage, progressing at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh."Things are running smoothly at the launch centre, and weather conditions are normal," said a spokesperson for the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro). "The launch is expected to take place between 2:38pm and 2 on Tuesday. If it is missed, the launch window is till 19 November," he 26 months, Earth and Mars are aligned closest to each other in the course of their revolutions around the mission aims to map the Martian surface, study the atmosphere and search for methane gas, a sign that the planet can support life, according to Isro. Earlier this year, India successfully launched a satellite that provides a space-based navigation 's chairman K. Radhakrishnan denied there was a space race with countries such as China, adding there would be a "trickle down" of technology from the research and design of the orbiter that will benefit the spends about $ billion a year on its space programmes, compared with $ billion in Japan and $ billion in the US. Japan failed in its 1998 bid to send a satellite to orbit Mars. China's probe was destroyed about two years and China have become competitors in the space industry over the past decade. China has taken the lead, putting its first woman astronaut into space as it strives toward goals such as establishing a manned space being launched, the spacecraft will move to an elliptical orbit around Earth for around 25 days before leaving on 30 November for a 300-day journey to Mars. The launch vehicle for the Mars Orbiter shuttle is the PSLV C25, a tall rocket which is currently covered by a 76m tall mobile service tower.

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