(ЯR) Reptilian Aliens Caught on Tape Killing People

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Nov 6, 2013
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Shocking footage shot by an unknown member of the resistance movement, showing reptilian shapeshifters, in the form of police officers, slaughtering an innocent person in their own home. Two of these reptilians had their disguises malfunction by a mysterious gas cloud (possibly set up as a defence system) and became clearly visible. Clearly these monsters showed no mercy towards their victim and the man or woman who filmed this risked their life in obtaining this information, making the unfortunates that have died not die in vain. The most important information gathered is the effect the gas cloud had on their devices, now believed to be plasma-based. Thegas cloud could have been a strong dielectric, halting the electric air breakdown needed to create the reptilian's plasma-based disguises. Such dielectrics could include Sulfur hexafluoride, Dry Nitrogen (from concentrated Liquid Nitrogen), or Carbon Dioxide from a Dry Ice bomb. Hence, these could be valuable tools in the fight against the reptilian elite.

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