(ЯR) Reptilian Alien Shapeshifters Video Evidence

  • Uploaded by DualGamma on Nov 6, 2013
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A compilation of some of the most shocking footage recovered proving that the upper echelons of every society on earth are ruled by alien shapeshifters that keep the population docile and apathetic while covertly slaughtering them. The hundreds of thousands of people who are abducted every year have been taken to be either used as breeding stock for the reptilians source of human blood for food genetics experiment subjects to keep the reptilian bloodline from disintegrating entirely. Any resistance is met with utmost precision, sending their elite reptilian soldiers disguised as policemen to kill dissidents and harvest unique specimens in the human population. Since WW-2 the reptilians have had an agenda to divide humanity into 2 species. By degrading the Y-chromosome they hope to turn the majority of humanities descendants into mindless animals, creating an endless source of blood easily accessible due to the thin skin and lack of fur in humans. The other species will serve as breeding stock to form a new master race of pure reptilians, which will then use these hybrids as a slave race to rebuild their ancient empire. We now know that the reptilians have been successful at creating genetic hybrids that can create offspring with elite reptilian qualities. These creatures give them the edge in fighting any resistance. However they have not yet been able to create an adequate source of blood for them to feed so their numbers are still limited. However, the recent developments in GMOs suggest that the reptilians are beginning to modify the human food supply in order to create a unintelligent human sub species that will serve as their livestock. By the end of this century, humanity could be reduced to cattle and the reptilians will have supreme control. This is our last chance to stop them. (ЯR)

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