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STRATEGIC RELOCATION the film FULL VERSION HQ from Alex Jones / Infowars & Joel Skousen

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Nov 7, 2013
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SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this - RELOCATION the film FULL VERSION HQ from Alex Jones / Infowars & Joel SkousenJoel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters. Joel Skousen is a world renowned expert in designing secure homes, geo-political analysis, and strategic relocation. Preparing food, water, arms, medical supplies, and shelter may not be a good enough plan. Large population centers are the biggest threat to survival after any major disaster. Joel Skousen explains his strategy for survival, which includes acquiring all of the essentials, preparing in a safe location and methods on how to avoid a dangerous hungry population and safely arrive at your secure YOUR COPY TODAY Relocation Documentary Film Featuring Joel SkousenNow shipping, order Strategic Relocation DVD today! The world is becoming increasingly unstable. Debt levels are unsustainable, world financial markets are calling for constant bailouts, and the US is continuing to antagonize the Middle East with military intervention. Any number of these crises can lead to a break down in the social order of the high density urban areas of the United States. Could you survive without public utilities or supermarkets through a winter? Are there enough people around you that are prepared to band together and help one another during social unrest? More and more people are reevaluating their living arrangements to be prepared for prolonged disasters. But what if you have to stay in a big city for work? Have you developed some contingency plans? Are you located in a part of the city that will allow escape through the rural byways? Have you made a transportation plan? And, what can be done to secure your home now in case you can't get out in a crisis? Strategic Relocation has the answers. 2012 2013 guns prepare location learning information food weapons society collapse city solar water firearms politics "hard times" crisis plan agenda economy war wars expert book relocation world guide author infowars military survival survive death prepared globalism global prep people future america "united states" "storable" "food storage" "freeze dried" secrets "bug out" bible shtf "end days" ww3 "world war 3" dvd full version threat threats zombie security gold silver bullion money rural jobs employment y2k establishment illuminati control end of world generator luxetti 829speedyAlex Jones, founder of alternative news networks Infowars and Prison Planet, presents a full-length documentary/presentation with Joel Skousen, author of Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places and The Secure Home, to discuss the long-term threats facing Americans and how to relocate for safety and security. Joel and Alex examine the information within Strategic Relocation including the effects of natural disasters, nuclear war, long-term power failures, large-scale social unrest and police state tyranny. They consider the pros and cons of countries around the world but give particular emphasis to the state and provinces in the US and Canada. Joel also describes cost-effective ways of securing a residence to protect yourself and your preparations. Whether you are looking to expatriate off-shore or build a dream house away from the serious threats facing us, you'll find answers in this fact-filled interview and companion to the wide-selling book, Strategic special bonus material Preparing Your Home For Survival.

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