UFO over Hollywood / Los Angeles, CA March 30, 2013 Part 2 Slowed and Zoomed

  • Uploaded by Jrtvtoo on Nov 8, 2013
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Original Full Speed Clip here:


My friend and I saw a silver-white point of light as we arrived at the front of my building on a sunny and windy Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles, California. After realizing it wasn't floating off, I ran and got my Canon FS300, and propped myself against the fence the best that I could to hold the camera steady. I was fairly convinced it was some type of hot air balloon...I couldn't see the viewfinder very well... Getting a bit far sighted so all I saw was a bright dot on the screen while I was filming. Upon closer inspection with different versions, this is definitely not a balloon, hot-air, mylar, Goodyear Blimp (wink), or otherwise. Here's more footage of it morphing and changing form. Please be polite.

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