'Hunger Games' Cast Drinks On Set

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Nov 8, 2013
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The cast of the 'Hunger Game's reveals they get drunk on set. We would give anything to be an extra in that film! Like Us on Facebook!: Us On Twitter!: Us Out on Instagram!: ***During a Google+ Hangout Q&A with the entire 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' cast, J-Law admitted that it wasn't all flaming bows and arrows and non-stop intensity behind the scenes. They got drunk together! Josh Hutcherson was the first to bring up the dynamic on set when the cameras weren't rolling. After one particularly long day, the cast got a bit delirious, but it ended up being one of his favorite times on set. "[Woody Harrelson and I] were just running around acting like total idiots, while you guys were trying to film. It was so much fun." Jennifer then added, "We were drunk, That was fun. That was the first time I've ever drank at work." Josh says: "It was the first, but it wasn't the last!" Josh joked. Sounds wild. Viewers also found out that Josh is an amazing dancer, but he was probably drunk.

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