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Do you dare to dream? Get out of your comfort zone!

  • Goldy
  • uploaded: Nov 8, 2013
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our childhood we all know how to dream. Asleep and awake. Thanks to the power of our imagination we believe we are capable of achieving anything we can dream of. However, as we grow older we lose this wonderful ability we'll later need to be creative, to innovate, to change our lives and to transform our organizations. We invite you to dare to dream again, to challenge your comfort zone, and to enjoy the pleasure of turning your dreams into you dare to dream?

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  • Termite#

    Termite November 8, 2013 4:33:59 PM CET

    I am in the "magic zone". I was born and raised in the Southeastern United States. White, southern Baptist, light hair, blue eyes, slight southern draw. I left the United States in September, 2007. I have never returned. I left with only $300 to my name, a thirst for life, and hope of real perspective on this world. I now speak Arabic, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, some Swahili. I am on my 43rd country. I learned that what they teach on media and in books in the UK and the United States about Muslims is a lie. I learned that the rest of the world is safe too... heck... everyone ELSE is living here, in the REST of the world. I learned that the ACTUAL cultures that cause the most strife and discord on Earth are American and British and French. I learned that, with the proper attitude and an open mind we can go to and will be welcomed anywhere. I am still on my journeys and I hope to see all of the world and all of its' cultures before I meet my end. I know that the USA and the UK will smash the world and its' cultures. I just pray that the US and UK government don't destroy it before I grow old.

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