'The Alien Agenda, Soul Extraction & Spychiatry' [Preston James @ RenseRadio 6-Nov-2013]

Alien Agenda II: Softkill
by Preston James

[Note: The subject of this article is noticeably incredulous to those that are uninformed of the basic related evidence. Unless you have read and studied the history of Roswell, know about Dr. Steven Greer's disclosure project, what happened at Roswell, and the Alien Agenda, it is recommended that you don't waste your time reading this article.]

As some insiders at the highest levels know, there is an "Alien Agenda" controlling the USG that is administered by top Policy-Makers who sit at the top of the "Pyramid of Control" (POC) comprised of several notorious individuals who occupy the top positions of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). (1)

This POC which controls the SSG is also known by insiders as the top leadership of Majestic-12 (aka Majesty 12 or MJ-12). Some have called this the "Circle of 12″ but at this time, it has not been publicly reported or verified who these individuals actually are, although many have some well justified suspicions.

These folks are several "senior policy makers" who determine the course that the visible, ceremonial or "pretend" US Government takes.

These few top Policy-Makers at the top of the POC have essentially hijacked the USG by taking the controls of the SSG (aka the "Military Industrial Complex") which emerged as a parallel government during WW2 and rose to complete, unchallenged power after Roswell, using the Alien ETs and their "need" to protect the secret of anti-gravity craft, using it as an excuse to set up a "National Security State" and institute spying and counter-espionage against the American People.

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The Jeff Rense Program
November 6th, 2013

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