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Self Defense Ammunition for the 22 LR Handgun

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Nov 8, 2013
  • Hits: 111

Ballistic gelatin test results for:Aguila 38gr SuperExtra LHPAguila 60gr SSSCCI 22 Short 27gr PLHPCCI 32gr Quik-Shok Pre-fragmentedCCI 40gr Subsonic Pre-fragmentedCCI 40gr Velocitor PLHPCCI Mini Mag 36gr PLHPCCI Shotshell (#12 birdshot)Federal 36gr Champion PLHPRemington 36gr PLHPRemington 38gr subsonic LHPWinchester 37gr Super-X PLHPWinchester 40gr Super-X Power-Point PLHPMore Information at : you for your Support.

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