Los Angeles Airport Shooting Hoax

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The Los Angeles Airport Shooting Hoax of 2013The most recent in a seemingly unending stretch of fake terrorist attacks in the US, the TSA-LAX drill-shooting has also been among the quickest to fall apart. The silent repeal of laws against internal propaganda in the uSA (via the infamous NDAA bill), has been put to use early and often by criminals infesting our government. The result has been a tumultuous cascade of fake violence, meant to steeer public opinion. The end result, however, has been quite different. Great masses of people are instead becoming more sophisticated and aware than ever, of this sort of media a few weeks ago, an employee of the TSA was discovered planting "Bottle Bombs" in restricted areas of an airport. Now, we see that this was only a portent of greater TSA plans unfolding. What you never heard about the "Trayvon Martin" case on government controlled media: the "Trayvon Martin" character was created for the drama: Keywords:TSA, LAX, Los Angeles Airport, Ciancia, Paul Ciancia, SWAT, Andy Lopez, security, terminal, LAPD, Navy Yard, AR-15, Trayvon Martin, Toy gun, Trayvon Martin Shooting, Barack Obama, George Zimmerman, Sonoma, AK-47, Crisis Actors, George Michael Zimmerman, documents, race war, Shiping Bao, medical examiner, corruption, facts, Robert John Zimmerman, Florida, stand your ground, self defense, COINTELPRO, court, fake injuries, Angela Corey, Dr. Michael M. Krop High School, Sanford, Twin Lakes, Seminole County, Sanford Police Department, Norton Bonaparte, Sgt. David Morgenstern, Benjamin Crump, Tracy Martin, Wendy Dorival, Seminole County Animal Services, Timothy Smith, Anthony Raimondo, Detective Chris Serino, D. Singleton, Wolfinger, Orlando Sentinel, Norm Wolfinger, Pam Bondi, Mary Cutcher, Selma Mora Lamilla, Dale Gilbreath, Douglas Keene, Mark O'Mara, Sybrina Fulton, Carmelo Anthony, Million Hoodie March, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, New Black Panther Party, Spike Lee, Rachel Jeantel, Eric Holder, Operation Mockingbird, Police Chief Bill Lee, destabilization, culture, media hoaxes, race riots

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