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Satan means "the adversary" in Hebrew and has come to be used as the proper name of theangelic beingwho tries to destroy people because of his hatred of is also called the devil, from a Greek word meaning "false accuser." He delights in accusing the saved ofsinsthat have Bible gives few facts about Satan, probably because the Bible's chief topics areGod the Father,Jesus Christ, and theHoly Spirit. In bothIsaiahand Ezekiel, passages refer to the fall of the "morning star," translated as Lucifer, but interpretations vary as to whether those passages refer to the king of Babylon or to the centuries, the assumption has been that Satan is a fallen angel who rebelled against God. The demons mentioned throughout the Bible are evil spirits ruled by Satan (Matthew 12:24-27). Many scholars conclude these beings are also fallen angels, lured away fromheavenby the devil. Throughoutthe gospels, demons not only knew Jesus Christ's true identity, but cowered before his authority as God. Jesus frequently exorcised, or cast demons out of first appears inGenesis3 as a serpent temptingEveto sin, although the name Satan is not used. In thebook of Job, Satan afflicts the righteous man Job with several calamities, trying to turn him away from God. Another noted act of Satan occurs in theTemptation of Christ, recorded inMatthew 4:1-11,Mark 1:12-13, andLuke 4:1-13. Satan also tempted theApostle Peterto deny Christ and entered intoJudas 's most powerful tool is use and fair

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