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Bigfoot/Sasquatch Closest Sighting Real Video Footage

  • DualGamma
  • uploaded: Nov 10, 2013
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Every year, since a sasquatch corpse was found in 1963, more and more evidence has surfaced proving that the sasquatch, widely known as "Bigfoot", does exist. In this video we see that the sasquatch is not a lumbering and mindless brute that the mass media makes it out to be, rather it appears o be a calculating and effective part of an ecosystem where prey is scarce. Why would such a large creature, with such an obvious advantage over its prey be so scarce? The truth is that it has been the Reptilian controlled government has exterminated these creatures from day one, harvesting them for their meat. However, they could not genetically alter these animals into an effective livestock, which is what they have been currently been trying to do with humanity since WW2. The sasquatch had attempted to be genetically modified into a blood food source by the reptilians but were unsuccessful, however the traces of their modification is still present. This is why they have been exterminated as a bigfoot specimen if examined would reveal that the reptilians have modified earth life, proving their existence and giving scientists a way to reverse the effects of the genetic modification done o humanity before we are turned into docile livestock slaves. This is why the discovery of Bigfoot is of such importance to the Reptilian Resistance.

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  • gen81465#

    gen81465 April 9, 2014 9:02:10 AM CEST

    Unfortunately, this video gives some appearances of being a hoax. There is no indication of any type of facial or eye movement; it appears to be some type of mask that is set over either a person's head, or mounted on something. Further, the limited length of the video sequence, coupled with the lack of any audio, makes it difficult to adequately assess its authenticity.

    This is my personal opinion, and not based on any scientific study of the video.

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